7 Steps to a better career

"Ooops! Perhaps, I shouldn’t have taken that job!"

Many of us can identify with this statement and if you’re currently experiencing career drift you may feel its impact more than most.

So, what can you do if your career seems to be going nowhere and you feel trapped in a pointless, dead-end job?

Here are my 7 steps to a better career:

Step 1

Decide today that you’re going to do something to change this situation that you’re in. You’ll begin to feel better. However, deciding is not enough...

Step 2

Commit to actually do something about it. Make this commitment as public as you can. For example, tell your partner, family, close friends. Ask them to hold you accountable. Yes, this might be uncomfortable at first but you’ll be glad you did it once you get moving. However, be selective. Many people, who mean well, may try to dissuade you. Nevertheless, don’t let their limiting beliefs and fears stop you from making changes.

Step 3

Assess where you are. You can’t go somewhere else if you don’t know where you are now. You’ll need a process and some tools to do this or it can take a lot of time and energy and become very frustrating. In fact, this is where most people become unstuck and give up. Why? Because, they’re up against the trees and they can’t see the forest.

You need to have a balanced and realistic view of your situation and what it will take to change it. This will also help you deal with those who try to talk you out of it.

Step 4

Get help. If you can use a structured tried and tested process that has worked for others it will make all this much easier for you too. An experienced coach with the right tools can also get you there faster. The costs of staying where you are (both financial and emotional) are far greater than the investment required to bring you to a better place.

Step 5

Take consistent, persistent decisive action. This is the defining part. Do something different to what you’ve been doing. This will produce different results and give you valuable feedback. Adapt what you’re doing until you get the results you want. Once again, this is where having an experienced coach comes in to support you and help you process the feedback and develop your strategy.

Step 6

Celebrate your progress and successes no matter how small. Every step on a well-defined journey gets you closer to your destination.

Step 7

Share what you’re learning with others. Be an ambassador and a role model for others. Tell your story! Inspire others! Their support and feedback will keep you motivated.

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