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It's not unusual in today's world to find yourself in a job or career that is not satisfying. Much changed after the financial crisis in 2009 and Covid-19 has caused disruption for us all. So today many people find their work is no longer very fulfilling.

Staying in a job or career that we do not enjoy can be counter-productive in the long run, even leading to burnout or disease. However, when we think of changing we're often gripped by fear caused by the uncertainty. 

Transitioning from one job to another can always be challenging. Changing careers completely is a significant step in a person's life. Re-entering the workforce after an extended absence can be daunting for many. 

Anything we can do to reduce uncertainty and improve decision making leads to better peace of mind. Our Career Matching Software makes decision making easier for you. 

Make better decisions

We work with so many people in their 30s, 40s and 50s who feel stuck in a job they don't enjoy and whose lives suffer as a result. They regret many study and career decisions they have made and wish they could've known then what they know now. Luckily, we've been able to help them get back on track. And, with Back on Track we can help you ensure you make better career decisions going forward.

Reduce the risks

Getting it wrong can have a serious emotional and financial cost. A sense of failure affects our fundamental  human need to feel significant, competent and be liked by others. Existing financial obligations mean we all need to make well-informed decision. We help you reduce these risks. 

Get the results you want 

We've worked with people to help them make the necessary career choices. They always move on to better things. Often, they wonder why they didn't start sooner! 

What you get for your money

The Back on Track Program is composed of several integrated elements

SMART Questionnaire

The SMART Questionnaire saves time. Lots of time! Due to its sophisticated algorithms it takes less than 30 minutes to complete. This is the equivalent of more than a day of traditional career assessment centres where you have to take multiple assessments - tiring, time consuming and often confusing!

Over 650 careers to choose from

There are over 650 careers to choose from. The software matches you against these using a variety of criteria: your values; work preferences; things you enjoy versus things you don't enjoy; what engages you; your task preferences; your interests; your work environment preferences; 15 competencies.

Your own Career Navigation Dashboard

With your own Career Navigation Dashboard  you quickly and easily see which careers you would enjoy most.  You get general descriptions of each career plus typical educational requirements for each career. You can even sort all 650 careers by educational requirements or types of career. All from your pc, phone or tablet.

Career Enjoyment Analysis

Most people are unhappy at work because they don't enjoy what they do. How will you know if you'd enjoy another career? You can run up to 10 Career Enjoyment Analysis reports to learn what you would like and potentially dislike about a particular career. 

Your Greatest Strengths

Many people are not sure what they're really good at or have difficulty expressing it. Yet, knowing your strengths is essential in creating CVs, Resumes, and Cover Letters for courses and jobs. Playing to your strengths is a great way to ensure enjoyment and high performance at work. Your Greatest Strengths report enables you to do this. 

Career Development

Your Career Development report provides advice and tips on what to look for in your future careers as well as what to avoid. It also identifies areas for further improvement such as skills, abilities and competencies you might wish to acquire or improve upon. 

Blindspots Analysis

Knowing your strengths is an important part of managing your career. However, a strength can also create blind spots or weaknesses if it isn't balanced. We help you identify and deal with these blind spots. We also give you a unique way of answering that dreaded interview question: "What are your weaknesses?"

Stress Reduction Plan

Stress is one of our biggest challenges. Too much stress is not good for our health and can force us to behave totally out of character in various contexts. We provide insights into what triggers stress and how you can respond. You get a plan with tips and advice on how to reduce stress. 

Enjoyment Performance Analysis

When you enjoy your work you tend to perform better. Enjoyment is driven by 3 factors: you get to do things that you can do well and that you prefer to do; you get to do things that interest you; the work environment is conducive to who you are - this includes bosses, colleagues and the physical environment.  This analysis helps you to understand a wide range of factors related to your enjoyment and performance at work.

Career Coaching Sessions

You get live online career coaching sessions with one of our experienced and certified coaches. A coach can support you in reaching your goals. A first session lasts 2 hours and explains in detail how to interpret your career reports, your career enjoyment analysis and how to recognise your blind spots. This initial session is followed with shorter monthly career planning sessions over the remaining 5 months.

Ongoing Support

During your coaching programme you get ongoing support by email should you need it. Being able to check in between coaching sessions is reassuring. 

Online Tutorials & Templates

We provide you with an app that gives you access to short online modules and downloadable learning materials, templates, etc to help you get the most out of your coaching, and your career navigation system. 

Personal Development Plan

We often have a behavioural trait or a competency that we need to develop to be able to perform better at work. You can choose an area to work on and we'll give you a detailed Personal Development Plan to follow to get there. 

Upgrade your Package

You can easily upgrade from your starting package to the next level or add features to your existing package such as specialised competency analyses for Remote Working; Emotional Intelligence; Collaboration; Leadership.

Retake the Questionnaire

Your experiences during your career transition will have an impact on your development and evolution as a person. We provide an option to retake the SMART Questionnaire at any time within 3 years from taking it first. 

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